About Al-Noor Kitchen

Al-Noor Kitchen is a family-owned and operated Indian restaurant. Our chef/owner , Mohamed Hanif has over 40 years of experience cooking in different restaurants from New Delhi in India to New York, Texas, and now Louisiana. In the early 2000s, our owner has cooked in a 5-star restaurant in Manhattan. As featured in 225 magazines and articles, so you can ensure that our menu is guaranteed to satisfy. Over the years, we are still serving the same delicious food with our friendly smiles. So, if you are ready to enjoy some delicious food and refreshing drinks, then visit us at Al-Noor Kitchen today.

Our Specialties

Our dishes are always well-received by our customers, using recipes passed down from generation to generation and fresh ingredients that are locally sourced.

Indian Food

If you enjoy complex, aromatic flavors and a healthy dose of spice, Al-Noor Kitchen is your prime destination for delicious and authentic Indian food. Our menu features a variety of traditional dishes that are carefully prepared to ensure the best taste every single time.

Halal Food

At Al-Noor Kitchen, we serve the best Halal food in the area. We specialize in 100% Halal Indian and Chinese food so that we can focus on developing the very best flavors for you to enjoy. So to satisfy all of your Indian food cravings, please visit us at Al-Noor Kitchen today!


Al-Noor Kitchen offers premier catering services to fulfill the Indian food cravings of every single guest at your event. If you’re looking for fresh and authentic catering for your next event, please contact us at Al-Noor Kitchen for more information today!